​Career Gateway Terms and Conditions

Career Gateway is an online database managed by Monash University that allows organisations and individuals to advertise paid employment opportunities to Monash University students and recent graduates in line with applicable legislation and University policy.

Advertisers on Career Gateway must comply with the requirements set out below. All references to generic terms such as 'we', 'our' or ‘the University’ refer to Monash University and its authorised representatives.

Applicant disclaimer

Although Career Gateway is provided for use by Monash University students and graduates only, we cannot guarantee that others will not view and apply for advertised positions.

We do not screen, select or endorse the suitability of applicants for any position. We strongly advise that you conduct reference checks on successful candidates before employing them. Business Victoria provides online business tools which may assist to achieve good practice in staff recruitment and reference checking.

Advertiser Requirements

To advertise on Career Gateway, the following details are required:

For businesses, organisations, third party recruiters and agencies

  • Registered entity name and/or business name
  • Full postal and/or physical address
  • Full name, direct email address and direct phone number of at least one contact person
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) or equivalent. If not provided at registration, we may request this for verification purposes.

Third party recruiters and agencies must also:

  • register under their own organisation name (rather than a client name)
  • select ‘agent for employer’ when registering
  • when advertising on behalf of a client, disclose the name of the client and provide detailed information about the current job vacancy.

For private individuals offering home-based positions

  • Employer name must show the first and last name of the person wishing to employ the student(s)
  • Full residential address of that individual, plus a contact email and telephone number are required
  • The Employer name will be visible on the student portal, however your street address and telephone number will not.

Position Requirements

Advertisements are subject to approval by authorised and trained staff of Monash University. Processing occurs during University business hours.

All advertisements must:

  • represent genuine, current employment vacancies
  • clearly describe the position including: duties/responsibilities, location, working hours, required skills/experience and/or selection criteria
  • be written and published in English
  • specify a pay rate as follows:
    • For work undertaken in Australia, the modern award pay rate or applicable enterprise agreement pay rate; base salary or wage rate offered; and frequency of pay in line with the Fair Work Ombudsman guidelines. An acceptable alternative is to reference the official title or reference code of an applicable modern award, registered agreement or registered enterprise agreement (eg. General Retail Industry Award 2010 [MA000004]).
    • For work undertaken outside Australia, where lawful minimum wage/employment standards apply in the country where a position will be carried out, offered pay rates and conditions must specify and meet these standards. Advertisers should seek advice from a relevant employment authority before submitting an advertisement.
    • For private individuals offering home-based positions, be in line with the pay rate requirements under Private household (domestic) positions below

Positions working with children

Advertisers are expected to follow their obligations surrounding child-related work.

Where students will be undertaking child-related work, we will add a statement to advertisements informing prospective applicants they may require a Working With Children Check (VIC) or other state-based equivalent.

Private household (domestic) positions

All advertisements for private household and carer positions:

  • must specify an hourly pay rate that equals or exceeds the current National Minimum Wage part-time/full-time Adult hourly rate except for private tutoring. Private tutoring positions must specify an hourly pay rate that equals or exceeds the Monash hourly pay rates outlined on the hire a student tutor website.
  • must be within Victoria, Australia.

We will add a statement to advertisements informing students that the work may take place at an individual’s place of residence.

Positions involving tutoring services

We only advertise tutoring services which do not breach the prohibitions on providing or advertising an academic cheating service under the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (Cth). The advertisement must also comply with Monash University’s regulations, policies and procedures relating to academic integrity rules. By advertising your tutoring services via Career Gateway, you are acknowledging that:

  • You will also bring the above regulations, policies and procedures to the attention of Monash University students you engage for the tutoring services that you have advertised via Career Gateway.

You are also aware of the prohibitions on providing or advertising an academic cheating service under section 114A and section 114B of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (Cth), which carry criminal and civil penalties, and you will neither provide nor request any tutoring services in breach of section 114A or section 114B.

Positions involving alcohol service or promotion

Advertisers are expected to follow responsible service of alcohol requirements.

Where students will be serving or working with alcohol, we will add a statement to advertisements informing prospective applicants they may require appropriate certified training in Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Independent contracting

Independent contractor opportunities as defined by the Fair Work Ombudsman will only be advertised where:

  • we determine the opportunity is a skilled role that reasonably aligns with a Monash University study discipline
  • the advertisement states an hourly pay rate that equals or exceeds the current National Minimum Wage casual Adult hourly rate
  • the advertisement specifies that the role is for an independent contractor.

We will add a statement to advertisements encouraging students to research their obligations related to self-employment and Australian Business Numbers (ABN) or equivalent.


Scholarships can be advertised on Career Gateway where they:

  • incorporate a work opportunity component that closely aligns with a Monash University study discipline and complies with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth);
  • are open to Australian citizens and/or residents who are studying at Australian universities;
  • have a clear and equitable eligibility and selection criteria that require applicants to provide evidence to support claims; and
  • offer the recipient $1000 AUD or more.

Unacceptable positions

Career Gateway will not advertise:

  • unsalaried positions including:
    • unpaid positions or volunteering
    • remuneration by a suite of non-monetary benefits instead of a wage/salary
    • positions where participants themselves pay to engage in development projects/training. For example, voluntourism.
  • positions remunerated by:
    • commission only, profit share, royalties where workers’ earnings are not guaranteed and payment relies solely on the success of a product, service or business concept
    • piece rate/piecework

unless an applicable modern award title and code or registered agreement is provided in the advertisement that meets the conditions outlined by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

  • positions that involve reduced pay or extended unpaid/reduced pay trial or training periods as defined by the Fair Work Ombudsman
  • generic advertisements that do not detail specific vacancies
  • positions that require applicants to register with an agency/organisation for possible opportunities.
  • positions where applicants or workers must pay an application or registration fee, or purchase a product or service
  • business opportunities, including but not limited to: franchise ownership, co-ownership, co-founder and start-up opportunities
  • pyramid schemes
  • research participant opportunities
  • positions where applicants must contribute productive work or real business ideas (intellectual property) to apply
  • positions involving illegal activity
  • positions that may pose a serious risk to workers
  • positions for Au Pairs and/or other live-in arrangements
  • positions advertised by or in association with the tobacco industry in accordance with University policy.
  • positions of a similar nature from the same organisation, advertised repeatedly or for lengthy periods of time.
  • any other position that Monash determines in its absolute discretion is unsuitable


If you have a complaint about Monash Career Gateway, the complaint should be phoned through to the Senior Career Program Coordinator on +61 3 9905 4170 in the first instance. We may then ask for details in writing.

All complaints are documented. We will not disclose the identities of the parties involved except (1) with consent, or (2) we are required by law to do so, or (3) we believe that the parties involved, or anyone else, may be at serious risk, or (4) we determine this is necessary for the University to progress the resolution of the complaint.

If a Monash University student or graduate has a grievance with a Career Gateway advertiser/organisation:

  • current advertisements from the advertiser may be suspended without notice and new advertisements will not be accepted unless/until the complaint is resolved.
  • if the complaint relates to advertiser conduct, we will advise the complainant of avenues of redress. We may investigate, in which case we will contact the advertiser/employer for a 'right of reply', or rely on another appropriate authority to investigate.
  • if the complaint pertains to content of an advertisement and investigation reveals false or misleading information has been supplied, the advertisement will be withdrawn immediately.
  • if a complaint is upheld, the advertiser may be given a warning, or for issues considered serious, may be refused further access to Career Gateway.
  • if a warning is issued in the first instance, a second substantiated complaint may result in suspension of service.

If an employer/advertiser wishes to complain about the conduct of a Monash University student or graduate in relation to an advertised position:

  • Where we can identify the student(s) or graduate(s) concerned, we may investigate the complaint and contact the individual(s) concerned for a 'right of reply' where appropriate
  • If a complaint is upheld, we may give a warning to the individual(s) or, for issues considered serious, the University may take further action under University processes and/or refer the matter to appropriate authorities.

Liability and reserved rights

  • Information provided by advertisers is their complete responsibility, however we may edit details at our discretion to meet these Terms and Conditions. We do not accept liability for inaccurate, misleading or false information provided by advertisers.
  • Advertisers agree to indemnify Monash University and its staff for any losses, costs or claims incurred in relation to advertised positions.
  • We may refuse service to any individual or organisation, or refuse or withdraw any advertisement for any reason, without explanation. This typically (but not only) occurs where:
    • non-compliance with the terms and conditions has occurred
    • inaccurate, false or misleading information has been provided
    • a breach of the law is reasonably suspected
    • a position is considered to be inappropriate
    • an advertiser’s or employer’s behaviour or activities are deemed unethical
  • We may, at our discretion, make exceptions to our terms and conditions in individual circumstances, where they are not likely to pose significant, foreseeable risk.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement, and to suspend or terminate access to Career Gateway at any time in our absolute discretion.


The information collected is used for the primary purpose of providing you with access to advertising paid positions to, or for, Monash University students and graduates. Other purposes of collection include system administration, preparation of statistical analyses, and correspondence with you. If you choose not to complete all the required fields in the registration or advertisement forms, it may not be possible for us to provide services to you.

You have a right to access personal information that Monash University holds about you, subject to any exceptions in relevant legislation. If you wish to seek access to, or enquire about the handling of your personal information, email the University's Privacy Officer at privacyofficer@monash.edu.

The full privacy collection statement is available at Monash University Privacy Collection Statement. Staff should also refer to the HR Privacy Collection Statement and students to the Student Privacy Collection Statement. For additional information regarding how your personal information is handled refer to the Monash University's Privacy Policy and Websites Privacy Statement.

Our commitment to accessible websites

Monash University recognises the issues faced by the many and varied users of our website. We have a commitment to offer accessible communications and we are guided by recognised accessibility and government guidelines and policies when producing and developing web-based communications.

This website has been designed to meet Level A (Priority 1) of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 of the W3C (World-Wide Web Consortium). Testing against these guidelines is conducted as part of an ongoing process as the website continues to evolve. As our site is updated and enhanced, we will continue to improve accessibility.

If you have any accessibility problems with this system or suggestions for improvement, please email careerconnect@monash.edu.

Terms and conditions last updated January 2017 and may change at any time, without notice.